How to Increase the Average Lifespan of Your Car Brakes ?

You must have often heard about the great importance of brakes when the safety and security of driving cars are is concerned. Brakes are one of the most primary essential safety and security components of a car and hence it is imperative to take very good proper care of them. In this blog we discuss the tips that when incorporated increase the lifespan of your car’s brakes.

A good set of brakes provide you with at least 40,000 miles of trouble-free safe braking. On the other hand, if they are are not maintained on a regular proper basis, you might face several problems. The question is why would you put your life and those of  your loved ones at risk when the brake pads and rotors can be replaced by spending just a few hundreds of dollars? Surely your lives are worth much more. Whereas accidents caused due to brake failure can cost you lives, disabilities and the moon.

The tips to make your car brakes last much  longer are:

  • You are advised to not apply pressure on the brake suddenly when the car is moving at high speed. Doing so can lead to the promptly wearing out of the brakes and also cause failure. You might have noticed that the car body shakes if you completely apply your  brakes at a speed of 60 mph or above; it is caused due to tremendous pressure and strain and friction. Therefore, it is always recommended to aim for a smooth stop of in time starting to brake slowing so the car starts slowing down before braking completely for a full stop.
  • Rust is a common enemy for almost every vehicle part, and brakes are no exception. The deposition of rust can wear out the braking system prematurely. Hence, you should always keep the discs and the rotors clean and lubricated. Simply taking your car for general maintenance will do the task. These service visits include brake cleanings and removal of dust.
  • Replacement of the brake fluid (when required) is another step that has to be executed to keep your car brakes in good condition. The fluid lessens due the friction and thereby prevents wearing out of the braking parts.

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