What are some major causes of low oil pressure ?

If you own a car, you must also know that vehicles require regular maintenance if they are to be kept in proper condition. Fortunately, most of the cars available in today’s time have sensors and lights that inform if something is wrong with a particular vehicle part. One of the most common issues faced by car owners is low oil pressure. In this blog, we have provided you with all the information that will end any confusion related to the occurrence of low oil pressure. Therefore, go through the sections below and stay ahead of the rest of the mass.

The engine is the powerhouse of the car machinery. It is made up of various car parts that rub against each other at high velocities when the car is on the move. Ergo, something is required to lessen the friction so that the parts don’t wear out too quickly. This is where the significance of oil comes in. A film of pressurized oil is used to lubricate the car parts. The pressure is generated with the help of an oil pump that is run by the engine. Apart from this, the oil also helps cool the engine and in turn saves the engine parts from getting damaged. It must be noted that the threshold of the oil pressure varies on the basis of whether the car is moving or it is stagnant.

The causes of low oil pressure are listed below:

  • Faulty sensor – You need to check the oil pressure sensor of your car as the start to diagnosing the problem. If there is some issue, the sensor will show wrong readings and warning lights.
  • Oil pump malfunction – The primary function of an oil pump is to generate pressure and to also ensure that an adequate amount of oil is moving through the system. The oil is carried to the pan and then directed into the cylinder head and engine block. You might be able to see bubbles in the oil if there are any malfunctions in the pump.
  • Improper engine grade oil – This is to let you know that you are to always buy the engine oil that is perfectly made for your particular car model. The types of oil vary on the basis of density and viscosity. Improper engine oil can also lead to low oil pressure and in turn cause other serious damages.
  • Bad oil filter – The oil filter is responsible for removing dust particles from the engine oil. It can get clogged due to deposition of debris and ultimately make these particles flow back into the engine. Therefore an oil filter that doesn’t function properly can also be a probable cause for low oil pressure.

You are now aware of the factors that can lead to the occurrence of low oil pressure. Certain other factors include low engine oil level, clogged oil strainer and leakage of oil.In case you encounter any sort of problems related to oil pressure, get in touch with professionals. There are various car maintenance and repair service providers who service your vehicle requirements.

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