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Best Car painting services in UAE

If your car’s paint is chipped, scratched, or damaged, people are likely to notice right away. Smart service station has the most up-to-date computerised paint-matching technology, the best people in the business, and the best products to make your paint job look and feel like it did when it was new.  smart service station takes paint very seriously and doesn’t mess around. All of our locations use the most up-to-date computerised paint-matching software, so that each vehicle that comes into our booths is exactly the same finish and colour as when it first came in. It’s important that all of our painters are well-trained. Plus, we give our painters high-quality refinishing products that are used by the best car professionals in the world.

To us, painting is a huge source of pride. We like to conceive of our profession as an art form. It’s a common misconception that painting your car is a straightforward, one-step operation. In reality, it’s a complex process that calls for meticulous attention to detail, expert skill and knowledge, and specialised equipment and training. No matter how large or little your paint project is, our specialists have the knowledge and experience to analyse and do it correctly.

In order to provide an exquisite finish, smart service station’s painters begin by making sure the area they’re working on is spotless and free of dirt, grease, and other contaminants. After that, the car is prepared for priming. Preparation for painting begins when the primer has dried and the area has been sanded.

Our professionals spray the car with a precise match to the colour of the tinted basecoat they mixed to achieve a factory finish. The clear coat is applied when the basecoat is ready for topcoat. The natural gloss finish of the car is returned to its pre-factory condition. A mild sanding and polishing is done to remove any imperfections that may have been left after the paint has dried.

Smart service stations use the latest paint-matching equipment and technology to ensure that your paint is perfectly matched, no matter the size of the damage.

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